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Published: 15th October 2007
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Every user is amazed of the fact that the helio ocean was a pretty useful typing device; the tester has managed to type almost 53 words by every minute and this aspect is mainly due to the fact that the keys are well spaced. Being much wider, the space between its keys is likely to become bigger; therefore. Navigation by touch can actually be achieved thanks to this easier aspect. If the phone is in the keypad position, namely the slider one, the phone is likely to automatically engage the predictive text, the so-called t9.

But this automatic feature can actually be disabled by trying to press the existing left key. This key will put the entire ocean into its standard text mode. One is also likely to observe the fact that there is a sort of Korean text mode that is likely to betray the fact that this phone has some Korean origins. One of the most praised characteristics is the so-called one hand usability; one can actually use his phone by keeping it in the same hand as the keypad thus dropping the typing speed.

This is to be expected thanks to the fact that these small keys are not easy to be navigated by hand touch; but most people are not likely to use the helio ocean in order to type texts. On the contrary, they are likely to choose to slide the ocean to its keyboard orientation in order to be able to type on a more comfortable keyboard. Both the keyboard and the keypad are likely to provide good visibility when it comes to dark places thanks to the fact that they have strong backlights.

Actually, this special amount of time when it comes to the backlight can be controlled in a separate manner without changing the screen control when it comes to its own backlight. The directional pad that has a circular form is to be considered as being a little small but both the middle button and the directional one are likely to have a positive and good feel. This new phone does not present itself with a touch screen and no joy dial is to be found either.

But the ocean is quite unusual when it comes to its having some buttons that are quite soft; these four items are to be found on its screen and most phones are likely to have only two buttons. This distinctive feature is likely to work well thanks to the fact that it makes all the options quite accessible by using these four buttons instead of just two. So, soft buttons are likely to be available in portrait modes and landscape ones. The user should pay attention to the fact that he can turn his phone off or on by truing to press and hold the existing end button and he has to do this for a while, namely a couple of sec.

This arrangement is to be considered as a pretty well designed one thanks to the fact that you are not likely to press this button by accident and keep this pressure for the required time. Additional buttons are also to be found and they are all well placed. The only misfit aspect is the fact that little light is provided fir these additional buttons so it can be quite easy to press them by mistake when you are touching or holding your phone. Its resolution is pretty standard when it comes to its size and its screen is a well sized one too.

The user has to be aware of the fact that this screen cannot adjust the entire brightness depending on several aspects that are mainly related to the required lightening. The internal memory is quite impressive and its availability is a decent one; the memory cards are not likely to be needed anymore and the user will be able to save some money thanks to the fact that those memory cards are quite expensive items.
The helio is to be regarded as a modern replacement for the older phones that are likely to be overwhelmed by the facilities that are provided by the helio ocean

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